How can we help you?

We specialize in creating and improving online reputation, and serve two kinds of clients:

  • Companies and individuals who have been harmed by a negative reputation campaign. The damage could be a sudden drop in customers in the case of a company or business, leading to a loss of income, or a loss of voters in the case of politicians. The damage could also be much worse: defamation of character of celebrities and others, for example, or increased difficulty for entrepreneurs looking for funding.
  • Brands who want to build up a long-term reputation by creating a solid internet presence. This is actually the best and most effective marketing technique in the long run.

Who is our target audience?

Companies and individuals who have fallen victim to negative ‘smear’ campaigns, causing damage to their online reputation, or brands who want to build up their reputation and become authority sites in their industry. Our target audience is made up of mainly of celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, CEOs, politicians, doctors and lawyers.

Everyone can benefit from making use of our services, and from reading and implementing the tutorials on our blog.

What does a reputation management campaign consist of?

  • Analysis of the current situation on your internet assets, including websites, profiles, and online references.
  • Search engine optimization of the client’s current websites.
  • Setting up new web domains, such as showcase websites, social media profiles, etc.
  • Professionally photographed profile pictures.
  • Combination of online and offline PR methods.
  • Creation of high quality, relevant content about you or your brand.
  • Spreading the content on your websites, on leading news sites, on social networks and on any other platform relevant to your field.
  • Promotion of positive references on search engines by employing advanced SEO techniques.
  • Continual maintenance and strengthening of your online reputation by regularly updating online content, and increasing the number of web domains and mentions on the internet.

Not every campaign needs to contain all the methods above. We customize a plan for each individual client based on their needs, current situation and budget.

What’s our advantage over other advertising and online promotion companies?

We specifically specialize in online reputation management, and create quality content and distribute it continuously over a number of platforms, leading to high visibility and successful brand exposure. When your clients are exposed to our content, its value increases. Your clients like it, and Google likes it too.

Traditional sales promotion and advertising are becoming increasingly irrelevant as marketing strategies. Customers today are overwhelmed with information, and filter out any content that feels too pushy, whether it insists that they buy, sign up, or join a mailing list.

Even keywords rank isn’t what it used to be. Frequent changes in the search engines’ ranking, “punishments”, and Google’s updates mean that this kind of technique isn’t stable when used as a marketing strategy on its own.

How involved do our clients need to be?

Our job is to do the hard work. You don’t have to do anything except give us details to work with about yourself or your company. We’ll build the necessary web domains, set up profiles and link them all together, distribute content to wherever is relevant, and keep on doing so, so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

How long do campaigns last, and how much do they cost?

Campaign duration and cost are set according to different factors, based on the client’s specific needs and current situation. As a rule, a basic campaign costs $1000 a month, and lasts for three months.

After the campaign is over, it’s recommended – and necessary – to continue updating and distributing content on all the web assets that you own: websites, profiles and social media. Many clients don’t manage to see this through all the way, and so we also offer a service of creating and distributing online content on all platforms. The cost of this service starts at $100 a month, and varies according to the amount of content and frequency of distribution.

Is there any kind of obligation involved?

Clients can terminate the service at any point, by sending a request through our website, or by writing to service@panprestige.com.